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Our factory is one of the largest scale factories in China focus on natural product, located in a beautiful industrial park. It's equipped with 12 sets of extraction tanks, and corresponding filters, concentrators, column chromatography, 2 sets of vacuum drier, 3 sets of spray drier (150L/H, 25L/H & 5L/H).

On the other hand we have top level manufacturing technology and a management team in China. Especially our head engineer-Mr Qingyu Chen is a famous expert who has worked in natural product industry since 1992.

° Extraction: 12 sets of 3.7m3  Extraction Tanks

° Workshop: 4 sets of Tubular Centrifuges, 4 sets of 2000L Membranes, 8 sets of 1500L Evap-oration Concentrators, 4 sets of Spherical Concentrators, 16 sets of Resin Columns

° Clean Area: 1 set of 150L & 25L Spray Driers, 1 set of Microwave Drier, 2 sets of Vacuum Drier.All Drying, Crushing, Blending, Screening and Packingare processed in Clean Area.


 Factory Landscape  Extraction Tanks  Workshop Corner
 1500L Outer Loop Concentrator  3000L RO  Column Chromatography
 Spray Drier  Vacuum Drier  Clean Area


End Product Management

We control end product warehouse strictly according to GMP standard.
Every warehouse is equipped with air-conditioner, themometers, humidometer, rats blocking board. Products comply with "first in, first out" principle.
Products will be analyzed of color, solubility, active ingredient content, moisture, and microbiology every 6 months.


End Product Warehouse Layout


Raw Material Warehouse Layout


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