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Huacheng Biotech IFT 2015 Exhibition

    IFT (Institute of Food Technologists)was held in Chicago in July 12-14th. Six staff on behalf of our company participated in the exhibition, booth No.is 4079+4179.

    IFT exhibition has a long history, this is the 75th.It is the largest and most famous TTF attending and industry event in the Americas, which refers to international food additives, food ingredients and technology aspects. The exhibition brings together the latest situation about the technological achievements turn into products in food industry and reflects the direction and dynamic development of food industry, besides, which represents the development trend of world food technology industry.

   Every year tens of thousands of food industry manufacturers, buyers, distributors gathered here to explore new products, IFT exhibition provides a meeting with old customers, new customers, mutual exchanges between peers and the broad platform, which will have a far-reaching significance to develop the market.

   We have been a great success in this exhibition, let’s meet again in September: Fi Asia in Thailand and October: Supplyside West exhibition in Las Vegas; Welcome to visit!

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