2016 Shanghai CPHI (Chemical Pharmaceutical Ingredient) huacheng biotech inc.
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2016 Shanghai CPHI (Chemical Pharmaceutical Ingredient)

Site: Shanghai


Booth No.:E4P23

CPHI is the largest in scale, high level, the best known exhibition in the industry of pharmaceutical raw materials and intermediate. Hunan Huacheng Biotech,Inc.ceremoniously introduced Organic Monk Fruit Extract,and got unanimous praise from experts of the industry. And 2 new products: natural fermentation of GABA and sialic acid is recommended by us. In this exhibition, Huacheng Biotech successfully attracted more than 800 domestic and foreign customers, among them more than 300 customers have the intention of cooperation. Hereby Huacheng Biotech express the most sincere thanks to all the customers in this exhibition.


We look forward to seeing you again in the following year!

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