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  • Product Name:Magnolia Bark Extract
  • Other Name:None
  • Product No.:HBI-MP-0012
  • Latin Name:Magnolia officinalis
  • Plant Source:Bark
  • Application:

Product Name:Magnolia Bark Extract 

Botanical Name:Magnolia officinalis

Part Used: Bark

Active Ingredient: Honokiol

CAS No.:35354-74-6   

Structural formula:

Active Ingredient:Magnolol

CAS No.:528-43-8

Structural formula:


90% Honokiol/Magnolol 45%

90% Honokiol/Magnolol 40%

90% Honokiol/Magnolol 50%

95% Honokiol/Magnolol

90% Magnolol

90% Honokiol

1, Anti-stress and anti-anxiety:It treats "stagnation of qi" (low energy) as well as a variety of syndromes, such as digestive disturbances caused by emotional distress and emotional turmoil;
2, Anti-tumor and anti-cancer;
3, Gastrointestinal function adjustment4, Move away bad breath5, Protect liver;
6, Inhibit bacteria and pathogenic fungi.

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