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6 Benefits of Astragalus Root for Health and Beauty

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1. Heart Health
Several studies suggest that Astragalus may be a heart-friendly herb as it is rich in antioxidants. It may also help lower cholesterol levels.

2. Relief from Seasonal Allergy
Most of us are prone to some allergy or the other which interferes with the normal functioning of our lives. Astragalus root extract has shown tremendous relief from the symptoms of seasonal allergies. While Astralagus is not a cure for Asthma or allergies - including this plant in the overall treatment is known to be of help.

3. Reduces Stress
Anxiety and chronic stress can cause adverse effects to our health. Hence, they need to be kept in check. Astragalus helps in curbing the stress level and promoting peace and calm in our mind and body. Those who suffer mood swings and constant nervous tension can benefit from this ancient herb.

4. Reduces Sleep Issues
Insomnia, sleeplessness, interrupted sleep patterns can be cured by regular consumption of astragalus root. By improving overall health, metabolism and hormonal balance this root can help in delivering a peaceful sleep.

5. Anti-ageing Properties
This is the most important and popular use of astragalus as no one likes the effects of ageing. It helps in reducing signs of ageing on the face, helps in the growth of tissues and prevents chronic illness symptoms. For wrinkles and age spots this root can be extremely beneficial.

6. Boosts the Immune System
Astragalus has been used to boost the immune system for more than thousands of years. It protects the immune system from major attacks and makes it smarter and stronger at handling foreign substances. 'It has natural antibiotic properties, so it can increase resistance to viral infections. It is full of antioxidants that protect cells against free radical damage', according to the book Healing Foods.

A lot of studies are still underway to ascertain the complete benefits of Astragalus. But its roots in Chinese medicine and usage for over a thousand years cannot be denied.

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