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As a health "endorsement" of Stevia sweetener, joined the Starbucks seasoning table

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Behind this little sugar pack, it's also a growing business.

"The company supplier Whole Earth sweetener natural sweet", is an American sweetener manufacturers a wholly owned subsidiary of Merisant, attention is a low calorie sweetener market, products are mainly based on erythritol (a present in grapes, pears and other fruits in natural sugar alcohol) and sweet Ye Ju extract. Doing business, it is because of the same sweetness, these two ingredients contain calories much less than sucrose, compared with other artificial sweeteners and more natural.

In view of people critical of sugar and sugar has reached a hitherto unknown degree, Starbucks is not the only one of the actors. At the end of 8, seven (7Up) also began to try to replace the sweetener stevia, the first batch of products in India market test; last year, Kaf Henry S (Kraft Heinz) released a version of Capri sun organic fruit juice, using three sucrose is sweet leaf chrysanthemum as the foundation, the wider use of aspartame than lower heat; before that, Coca-Cola launched Life series (is that a green label), and Pepsi's Pepsi True series, the use of sweeteners containing Stevia ingredients.

R & D begins earlier. As early as 2008, PepsiCo launched a new sweetener called stevia, called PureVia, in collaboration with Whole Earth. Its biggest competitor is Truvia launched in the same year, which is developed by Coca Cola Co and Cargill Inc, the food trade giant of the United States (Cargill). So far this year, the share of Truvia in the U.S. market can account for 9.2%, PureVia accounted for 2%.

The emergence of new health sweeteners, artificial sweeteners and old brand Splenda, Sweet'N Low, Equal, a global market competition in 2020 will reach $95 billion 900 million. Although the overall market share of the former is far behind the latter, but the growth rate is much faster. The report shows that from 2014 to 2020, stevia sweetener market compound annual growth rate of 8.5%, while the overall sweetener market growth rate of only 5.7%.

In order to keep up with the trend, some traditional sugar companies are expanding Stevia business, such as the parent company of Equal Merisant created Whole Earth, Equal also launched a low card products, in addition to the Cargill Inc and Domino Sugar and so on, but still can not stop the flow of capital -- last year, Splenda was a veteran of artificial sweeteners the original owner of Johnson company (Johnson & Johnson) sold to Private Companies (Heartland Food) Warren food.

But there's good news, too, for example, healthy sweetener producers are expanding aggressively. Natural sweet agent Malaysia PureCircle, ready to build $200 million investment in India, to meet Nestle, Zi million, as these companies growing customer demand is compared, beverages, stevia sweeteners are now in use more snacks, and dairy products and bread and so on.

So that's it, because the world is experiencing a healthy trend, a market unknown for 40 years of sweeteners, suddenly red up.

Content source: curiosity daily

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