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Astaxanthin, the strongest anti-aging raw material?

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Recently, a new mouse experiment conducted by researchers from China and Japan showed that astaxanthin has superior anti-aging ability and also improved liver and muscle function.

In this study, Chinese and Japanese researchers used an accelerated model to evaluate the preventive effects of astaxanthin on anti-aging.

Rats received long-term dual treatment with D-galactose and jet lag. The researchers divided the rats into 3 groups: control group, treatment group (sterile daily injection of D-galactose and jet-lag response), astaxanthin group (supplemented 0.01% astaxanthin daily, received D-galactose injection , jet-lag treatment), a 12-hour day/night cycle with a time difference of flight, once every three days.

After six weeks of treatment, the researchers found that astaxanthin had protective effects on liver weight loss in older mice.

This may be because astaxanthin has an up-regulated expression of galactose-1-phosphate uridylyltransferase mRNA, which helps increase the metabolism of D-galactose.

In swimming tests, astaxanthin can also increase muscle stamina in old mice.

In addition, astaxanthin can also repair aging-related gene expression regulation disorders caused by the injection of D-galactose and jet lag in the liver and kidneys of mice.

As a powerful antioxidant, this experiment shows that astaxanthin can inhibit the aging caused by D-galactose and jet lag, accelerate the metabolism of D-galactose, improve muscle function and prevent liver weight. Loss.

The health benefits of astaxanthin can be attributed in part to its ability to reduce oxidative stress in serum and marginal tissues, while also improving dysregulation of age-related gene expression.

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