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Control blood sugar, diet and exercise are even more important than medication

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The vast majority of type 2 diabetes is a habitual disease. Medication can only help the body maintain normal metabolism, but if the habit is not changed, blood sugar will not be controlled well, so diet and exercise are even more important than medication.

Here are some of the little habits that are easy to maintain:

The Arizona State University study found that drinking two tablespoons of vinegar before eating high-calorie foods such as big fish and big meat can greatly reduce blood sugar levels. If you are not used to drinking vinegar, it is best to eat some cold vinegar salad before meals.

American scholars have found that eating fast food more than twice a week reduces the sensitivity of body organs to insulin by 50%. So try to eat at home.

German scientists have found that cinnamon helps reduce blood fat and thus prevents the risk of diabetes. Cinnamon powder can be sprinkled in coffee or with honey. Can also be used to cook.

Finnish researchers have found that walking can maximize the use of insulin in the body. Walking 4 hours a week, 35 minutes a day, can reduce the risk of diabetes by 80%.

Common Sense:

Monk fruit extract is derived from the pulp of the fruit and is used to sweeten foods and beverages without the calories of sugar.  In addition, the extract appears to lower both blood sugar and blood lipids in experimental models of animal diabetes.The active sweet substances appear to be the mogrosides which are about 2- 300 times the as sweet as table sugar.  The mogrosides also function as antioxidants, potentially limiting the oxidative damage caused by high levels of blood glucose.

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