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COSUCRA Demonstrates ‘Farm-to-Fork’ Plant-Based Nutrition

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COSUCRA Inc. highlighted plant-based nutrition solutions with a focus on sustainability, having launched operations in all three countries during the past 12 months. COSUCRA Groupe Warcoing has been manufacturing naturally grown specialty food ingredients since 1852, with a current focus on yellow peas and chicory root.
COSUCRA with it's technological, sustainability, and farm-to-fork traceability leadership positions, said it is well positioned for the future. Ever increasing consumer demand for plant-based nutrition can be supported with the commissioning of its €35 million investment in Belgium during 2018 to increase the capacity of Pisane pea protein, Swelite functional pea fiber, Nastar and Nastar Instant (pre-gel) functional pea starches. In 1990, COSUCRA launched pea product solutions.
Plant-based protein, gluten-free, allergen-free, sustainable and farm to fork traceability agriculture practices with local farmers in Belgium and France are some of the key consumer drivers that COSUCRA can help address. COSUCRA is Non-GMO Project Verified and has obtained USDA NOP/Canadian organic certification.
Prototype concepts showcased at IFT19 included: almond milk made with Pisane pea protein containing a significantly higher nutritional profile; a gluten-free cookie made with Nastar functional pea starch which provides crumb structure and strength when replacing gluten; and a plant-based burger/slider made with Pisane pea protein, Swelite functional pea fiber, and Nastar instant pre-gel functional pea starch to provide plant-based protein, juiciness, increase yield, shape control, emulsification, and excellent binding of water/fat (1 part Swelite binds 5 parts water and 5 parts fat).

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