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Diabetes want to eat sweet,What should they do

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Watery and tasteless soup all day long, and sweet things do not touch. Is this correct?

It must be made clear that diabetes and sugar do not have a direct relationship, just that insulin function is abnormal.

Even if you eat sweets, you can metabolize excess sugar through exercise.

For those patients who like sweets, eating sweets may cause blood sugar to rise.

If they do not eat, they feel that life lacks a kind of fun, life is boring, and sometimes the desires are uncontrollable. It is really difficult for them.

In fact, people with diabetes may not have to worry about this.

Existing sugar substitute foods can be used because they are not sugary, but sweet.

They do not produce or hardly produce energy after eating, as long as the right amount is still safe.

There are many kinds of foods that use sugar substitutes as sweeteners.

Patients can be selected under the guidance of doctors.

However, staples, biscuits and snacks made from staple foods should be subtracted from the daily diet of diabetes.

Dairy products (cold drinks) should also be included in the amount of drink that day.

However, people with diabetes should try to eat as little sweets as possible, because the sugars in these sweets are monosaccharides, which are easily absorbed and can increase blood sugar faster.

Monosaccharides absorb faster than polysaccharides (starch types).

They do not need digestive enzymes in the intestine and can be absorbed directly into the blood, causing blood sugar to rise rapidly, thereby aggravating the condition of diabetes.


Introduce to diabetic friends some tricks to reduce the intake of monosaccharides: substitute artificial sweetener products for sugar products; use proper amount of honey instead of sucrose; use small quantities of apples, peaches, and other fruits to satisfy the taste;

If you eat too much sweets occasionally, you can consume too much sugar in your body through exercise.

In short, diabetics who want to eat sweets need to establish the concept of food calories, try to choose good taste, low calorie foods, which is conducive to the full control of diabetes.

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