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Do you know if there is a sweet fruit that can lower your blood sugar?

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You know when the black stem Luohanguo, ball, it is ugly in appearance, the water is sweet and delicious, in summer is a cool drink very delicious. I remember curious to ask my father: "so ugly, why should it be called Momordica?"" He mysteriously removed several pieces of fruit flesh only smiled but did not reply, open to me, I saw the kernel texture looks like a statue sitting Buddha, joy can not help Dad see extensive admiration, so remember this herb name of Momordica grosvenori.

After growing up, there was a time travel to the Guilin in Guangxi, where about a few days, just know Guangxi area is the original hometown of Siraitia grosvenorii. A piece of the Lingshan Xiushui, "mountain air good", "Jiang Qing Luo", and Liu Sanjie's folk songs in the night. Go out to play, in a small farm courtyard saw the vine vine, shed scaffolding frame, fruit hung full front, like countless hanging blue balloon, very beautiful. The owner of the farm is Yao people, chatting in the opinion of the people in the Yao people's eyes, known as longevity fruit, immortal fruit, is a magical cough medicine. The Momordica fruit can be eaten fresh, like ordinary fruit, sweet fragrance, but generally dry after the preservation, is a unique flavor of dried fruit. It looks like egg, mature fruit green brown with charcoal baking, have very fine hair, dry skin is thin and crisp, flesh is yellowish white, soft texture, like a sponge.

No one knows the origin of the name of the name. But the local Yao people, for this strange name, gave many magical legends. According to legend, more than 200 years ago, a surname Luo yaozhai in the Guilin, and Xiangyiweiming mother, his hard-working filial piety, won the admiration of the villagers. One autumn, the woodcutter's mother suffered from wind cold syndrome, and she was suffering from cough and asthma all day long. One morning, h

I do not know why, as a kind of Magical Medicine Luohanguo, searching the ancient herbal books were not recorded, nor Li Shizhen's "Compendium of Materia Medica". Some regrets, but this does not affect the magic effect of momordica. Jeffrey's name, such as Han, Lahanguo, Qingpiguo, tamarind seed, fake balsam pear. Arhat fruit is sweet, cool, into the lung, large intestine, there is heat and cooling blood, cough fluid, slippery bowel detoxification, rejuvenation Yi Yan, lungs and phlegm and other effects, can treat acute and chronic bronchitis, bronchial asthma, pharyngitis, whooping cough, stomach, constipation, acute tonsillitis disease, patients with diabetes should also be taken, common can prolong life, Yan Yue color. But the cold of the Momordica fruit, the constitution should be used with cold. With 2 plus 2 sterculia S.grosvenorii, boiling water into the mangosteen tea, with Qingfei Liyan function, it is suitable for sore throat hoarseness, constipation of the people. 2 pieces of dried Momordica fruit and 10 grams of dried tangerine peel were also selected. Chen P Che S and Momordica were washed and crushed, boiled with fire, and then boiled for 10 minutes. This tea has the function of relieving summer heat and expelling phlegm, and it is also suitable for cough, sore throat and so on.

Modern medical research found that rich Momordica glycoside, the glucoside is 300 times sweeter than sugar, has hypoglycemic effect, can be used to assist the treatment of diabetes. It is rich in vitamin C, anti-aging, anti-cancer and skin beautifying effect. It also has the function of reducing blood lipid and reducing weight, which can assist in the treatment of hyperlipidemia and improve the image of obese people. Here, again, introduce a very effective and simple diet therapy method for the weight loss fitness. Approach is to take 10 grams, 10 grams of Hawthorn mangosteen, honey, 250 grams of water, first wash, mangosteen crushed, hawthorn washed, and Jeffrey with the release pot, and then add water in the pot, fire cooked, to slag juice into the cup, then add honey and stir well, can Runfei, eliminate fat and blood fat.

When there are a lot of Luohanguo home, did not know the history and use it, just know that dad asked for the grandmother to drink tea. My lung is not good, often cough, cough every time take mangosteen soaked in water to drink. Often the whole winter, the wind is floating in the family, and the grandmoth.


 Grosvenor momordica fruit is the fruit of the gourd plant of the gourd family, which is produced in Guangxi. It mainly treats lung heat, phlegm fire, cough, pharyngitis, tonsillitis, acute gastritis, constipation and so on. Jeffrey contains three terpene saponin, due to its high sweetness, bottom heat as a sweetener is widely used, especially as a sugar substitute for obesity and diabetes. Many studies show that saponin can improve the utilization of glucose and fat, increase insulin sensitivity, but the effective ingredients and mechanism of hypoglycemic effect of Momordica grosvenori is not clear.

"Bio organic and medicinal chemistry" (Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry) published a study on hypoglycemic effect of the "Potential AMPK activators of cucurbitane triterpenoids from Siraitia grosvenorii Swingle" of Momordica grosvenori were studied. The researchers first tested V (mogrosides V), the highest content of AMPK in Momordica fruit, and found that it was not active on HepG2 cells. It has been reported in literature that V is degraded by digestive enzymes and intestinal microorganisms in vivo, and it is found in the anal blood. Therefore, researchers will use acid hydrolysis and separation of 8 compounds tested, the results showed that 3 compounds including glycosides of Siraitia grosvenorii yuan mogrol can activate AMPK. Activation of AMPK is a potential therapeutic target for metabolic syndrome (obesity and type 2 diabetes). Therefore, the study shows that mogrol is expected to become a new AMPK agonist.

The study by Hu Lihong research group and Shen Xu research group, a graduate student, Zhuang Jingjing, Chen Xubing Liu Junhua (combined training of the postgraduate of East China University of Science and Technology) and associate professor Chen Jing completed (Chinese Academy of Sciences Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica).

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