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Doing housework, hypoglycemic and healthy

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Many patients know the benefits of exercise. Like diet therapy, it is the basis of diabetes treatment. However, some patients, especially young patients, don't pay enough attention to exercise. They feel that it is unnecessary. They think that they only need to take medicine. Others think that work has occupied a lot of time. How can there be time for physical exercise? Or There is an excuse for this or that, not to do sports at all. In fact, sports in life are everywhere.

1 hour of housework, blood sugar drops 0.2mmol / L

For example, sweeping the floor and wiping the table, we can use a broom or a rag without a vacuum cleaner.

Put away the TV remote control at home, when changing channels, adjust by hand, you can also achieve the effect of the whole body;

Do not use the washing machine for simple clothes, wash it directly, save energy and save electricity;

Enter the building with the elevator, and take the stairs directly when the floor is low.

When the floor is high, you can walk and then take the elevator;

Also, we can walk to the vegetable market a little further away to buy food; push the children's car for a longer walk.

Exercise while watching the child.

Housework is a kind of light physical labor, that is, low-intensity labor. Although doing daily housework cannot replace exercise, it is much better to do more low-intensity activities than to completely inactive, which is very beneficial for lowering blood sugar levels.

Our daily life may be piled up by countless trivial things. If we can have fun in the tedious life, then life will be full of vitality. Although we only do some housework, as long as we are not idle, although the amount of activity is small, but the accumulation of more can also consume the body's heat. Therefore, diabetic patients should not think that the amount is small and not exercise.

Common Sense:

Monk fruit extract is derived from the pulp of the fruit and is used to sweeten foods and beverages without the calories of sugar. In addition, the extract appears to lower both blood sugar and blood lipids in experimental models of animal diabetes.The active sweet substances appear to be the mogrosides which are about 2- 300 times the as sweet as table sugar. The mogrosides also function as antioxidants, potentially limiting the oxidative damage caused by high levels of blood glucose.

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