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Eating artificial sweeteners will get fat

Time : 2022-12-14 Hits : 12


Many foods today do not contain sugar, but artificial sweeteners have been added. As a result, it has been widely welcomed and everyone feels that artificial sweeteners have a low calorie content and are good for the body. these artificial sweeteners are widely used in diets and low-calorie foods, and dieters are eagerly sought after. But studies have found that although sweeteners are not sugar, the brain is telling the body that it is sweet because of its taste, and people will eat more. In that case, Naturally, people who wanted lose weight can't lose fat, and they become fatter.

In theory, our body has a treatment mode for natural foods, and the body is very much expected to have high calorie and sweet foods. However, artificial sweeteners are not natural, they are sugar substitutes, and they are the foods people demand for calories. When you drink sugar-free Coke, you will feel it is still sweet, but not as sweet as normal Coke. To some degree, artificial sweeteners don't satisfy your brain's desire for sugar, so it will lead to your demand for sweeter foods, but you want to rely on more artificial sweeteners to make foods more sweet.

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