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How should fresh monk fruit be eaten?

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Due to restrictions on preservation, storage and transportation, the sale of Luo Han Guo has always been dominated by dried fruits.

Fresh monk fruit has high internal water content and can only be kept fresh for about 20 days at normal temperature.

Once the shell is broken during transportation, it will accelerate the deterioration of Luo Han Guo.

Therefore, Luo Han Guo has always been sold in the market after drying or dehydration.

There are many ways to dehydrate the Luo Han Guo. The traditional high-temperature baking makes the nutrients in the Luo Han Guo inevitably lose at high temperatures.

Therefore, in comparison, fresh monk fruit retains more nutrients and more effective effects than processed monk fruit.

If you get fresh monk fruit, how should you eat it?

Fresh monk fruit is not directly tasteable. Direct tasting can cause a paralyzed condition of the tongue. This is because fresh monk fruit contains active protein kinase.

The main function of Luo Han Guo Moisturizing the intestines,Detoxification and cleaning Phlegm is to rely on active protein kinase, and it is more irritating and the effect will be better.

High temperature can cause the active protein kinase to lose its activity, so the dried fruit of the dried monk fruit, which is traditionally baked, loses most of its active ingredients.

This is also the reason why some low-temperature dehydrated dried mangosteen fruit is recommended.

Do not use boiling water with too high temperature when brewing, and use water with an optimum water temperature of 60 degrees.

This can greatly exert the efficacy of Luo Han Guo.

Cut fresh mangosteen,Divided into small pieces,Boil with water,After the various nutrients and water in Luo Han Guo are dissolved,

You will get an ideal health care drink with a sweet taste and a fragrant smell.Because of the coolness of monk fruit, some ginger pieces can be added when boiling.

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