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How to use mogrosides in daily life?

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Mogrosides  is extracted from monk fruit,Its sweetness is 300 times that of sucrose, and its calorie is zero.

Luo Han Guo is one of the 87 medicines and food dual-use items released by Ministry of Health of China.

Therefore, mogrosides is safe and non-toxic as food.and  how do we use it in daily life?

1. adding to coffee or tea. Refreshing and relieve stress.

2. adding to the Chinese medicine,it's without any odor or bitter taste, the sweetness characteristics almost overlap with sucrose, which is the best than any other sweetener.

3. adding to cooking foods, sweet and smooth,it will not cause blood sugar fluctuations, diabetics can also eat.

4. adding to infant foods and children's foods,it does not cause dental caries and is beneficial to dental health.

5. adding to dessert production. When making desserts such as ice cream, cakes, and bread.
It can substitute ordinary sucrose and sugar for nutrition and health.

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