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How to use stevioside in daily life

Time : 2022-12-06 Hits : 14

Many people believe that stevioside is sugar, in fact, this is a clear misunderstanding.

Just because it has a certain sweetness, it is mistaken for sugar. stevioside has many wonderful uses in life.


First, because the properties of stevia are very stable, it is not easy to change during the cooking process.

For example, people tend to “fry sugar” when making sweet foods. When using sucrose, it is easy to scorch,

It affects the color and texture of the dishes. stevioside is not, and it is suitable for cooking, frying, cooking, frying and other cooking methods.

Second, stevioside is not susceptible to mildew. When kimchi is marinated, some preservative ingredients are often added to prevent deterioration.

Putting some stevioside can keep pickles Long-term eating.

In addition, when marinating seafood, bacon and making canned fruit,stevioside can also be used.

On the one hand, it can make food less prone to spoilage; on the other hand, the use of natural sources of stevia is also healthier.

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