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In daily life, how to identify monk fruit

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Monk fruit is hailed as a “fairy fruit”. How to identify it in daily life?

1.Look at the shape

If the Monk fruit is elliptical, O-shaped, or melon-shaped, the quality is better.

If it is oblate, or if the roughness is not smooth, the quality is relatively poor.

This is because immature is a sign that the Luo Han Guo will appear sunken when it is dried after picking.

2.Look at the size

The smaller ones will have a lower selling price, while the middle ones and the big ones will be sold at slightly higher prices.

This is because the development of small fruit is not good enough and the growth is not mature enough.

Naturally, it is not so good in terms of quality.

3. Look at the stalk

Seeing the fruit stalk to identify the maturity of monk fruit, the overwhite fruit stem that is not mature enough to be baked.

The yellow fruit stem is baked from ripe fruit. The black stem may be a mildew.

4.Look at the color

Mature dried Luo Han Guo , the color of the skin is yellow-brown; the immature dried Luo Han Guo, it is brownish black. If it is picked from the dead rattan, it will appear yellowish white, dead yellow or brownish black.

5. Shaking

When selecting the Luo Hanguo, Shaking it,if you feel loose inside, that is bad.

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