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Is blood sugar high, serious? The 3 signals of the body have told you

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At present, more than 100 million residents in China have type 2 diabetes, but one in four people do not know that their blood sugar is high.

Long-term high blood sugar can lead to a series of serious complications, and the scary part of diabetes is precisely the number of complications.

Serious complications include: diabetic foot, kidney damage, heart disease, and loss of vision. Because the initial symptoms are not obvious,

many people ignore the problem of high blood sugar.

High blood sugar will be directly reflected in your body. If you are enough to pay attention to your own body changes, you can still detect it.

The main observation of these 3 points will be known.

1, often thirsty, decreased vision

Frequent thirst, most of which occurs in the early stages of diabetes, when the urine is more than usual, causing loss of water inside the body,

resulting in how to drink water is not enough. Vision loss is the most serious form of diabetes complications, and if it is severe later, it may be blind.

2, spots appear on the skin

People with high blood sugar will have shiny or peeling reddish-brown plaques on their skin. These plaques are usually itchy and can cause severe pain.

This plaque grows mainly in the lower leg and may also appear in the underarms, neck and groin.

3, body weight loss, weight loss

In the early stage of diabetes, the body's demand for food increases, and on the other hand, the body loses weight.

In fact, the body of a diabetic patient cannot be stored in the body because of the inability to store blood sugar.

Therefore, there are more foods, more excretions, too much consumption, and no supplements.

So the weight will drop and the body will become thin.

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