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Is there wild monk fruit?

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The answer is yes. But the amount is too small to find.

Luo Han Guo is a perennial herbaceous vine. Nowadays, the Luo Han fruit seedlings planted in large areas are improved grafted tissue culture seedlings and cutting seedlings.

The traditional Luo Han Guo original seed potato is almost endangered due to low yield.

The original seed potato planting Luo Han Guo is a traditional planting method, and now it has basically been planted without the original seed potato.

At present, the main varieties of Luo Han Guo are Changtan fruit, Lajiang fruit, green fruit, red hair fruit, etc.

Most of the Luo Han Guo are grown with seedlings of green fruit and red hair fruit. These two varieties have high yield, strong resistance, sweetness and good quality.

The yield of a cutting seedling and tissue culture seedling can reach 120 to 200, while the yield of the original seed potato is only 40 to 60.

And it is not the same year that the species was rich in production, and it usually took a second or even third year to produce high yields.

Compared with the Luo Han Guo planted for cutting seedlings and tissue culture seedlings, the Luo Han Guo grown with the original seed potato has low yield and long cycle.

However, the original seed potato is generally a natural respiration fruit, and its content is superior to cutting seedlings and tissue culture seedlings.

In particular, the sweetness and nutrients, such as vitamin C, glycocalyx, fructose, glucose, protein, lipids, amino acids, trace elements and other quality advantages are obvious.

Wild monk fruit can not be met,It can be said that the merchants who sell the wild monk fruits on the market are fake!

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