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Key points of blood sugar,Understanding the meaning of blood sugar levels

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Blood sugar reached or exceeded 33.3 mmol/L. This is definitely a very dangerous blood sugar value, indicating that the whole body cells are in a state of hypertonic dehydration, which may be comatose at any time and even life-threatening.
Blood sugar is in this range, the blood glucose meter is basically unable to read the number, and only "HI" is displayed on the screen. Once you find that the meter displays this symbol, first check if the meter is malfunctioning. If the instrument is normal, you should go to the hospital immediately.

16.7 mmol/L,If this blood sugar level is reached, the insulin in the body will hardly work. You must see a doctor in time to adjust the hypoglycemic regimen or hospitalization.Otherwise, the blood sugar will rise further, and the body will begin to decompose a lot of body fat, produce ketone bodies, and there is a risk of ketoacidosis.

 7.8~11.1 mmol/L,The upper limit of blood glucose after 2 hours of meal is 7.8 mmol/L. If the fasting blood glucose is normal, the blood glucose is between 7.8 and 11.1 after 2 hours. It is called “Impaired glucose tolerance” and belongs to the pre-diabetes, but there is also a chance of reversal.11.1 is a diagnostic threshold for diabetes, if there is "three more and one less" performance,Repeated twice to measure blood glucose levels above 11.1 mmol/L in 2 hours postprandial or oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT),It can be diagnosed as diabetes.

6.1 ~7 mmol/L. Fasting blood glucose 6.1 is the upper limit of the normal value of fasting blood glucose in healthy people in China. Fasting blood glucose, such as between 6.1 and 7.0, is called "fasting blood sugar impaired", also belongs to the pre-diabetes, intervention (diet, exercise regulation, etc.) can basically be reversed.7.0 is another diagnostic threshold for diabetes,If in the fasting state, repeat the blood glucose twice to exceed this value.Can be diagnosed as diabetes.

4.6 ~5.6 mmol/L,5.6 is the lower limit of the "fasting blood glucose damage" recommended by the American Diabetes Association. Although it has not been adopted in China, it should be vigilant if it finds that its fasting blood glucose exceeds this standard.

 4.6mmol/L. This is the ideal lower limit for fasting blood glucose control, below which it may not be safe enough.

 3.9mmol/L. This is the lower limit of normal normal fasting blood glucose, and is also the diagnostic criteria for hypoglycemia.

Common Sense:

Monk fruit extract is derived from the pulp of the fruit and is used to sweeten foods and beverages without the calories of sugar.  In addition, the extract appears to lower both blood sugar and blood lipids in experimental models of animal diabetes.The active sweet substances appear to be the mogrosides which are about 2- 300 times the as sweet as table sugar.  The mogrosides also function as antioxidants, potentially limiting the oxidative damage caused by high levels of blood glucose.

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