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Luo Han Guo sweeteners will usher in new opportunities

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Consumers cognitive change, Luo Han Guo sweeteners will usher in new opportunities.

"Sweetness" has long played an important role in basic tastes.Especially in Western countries, it is more likely that every meal cannot be without sweetness.

However, with the emergence of obesity, diabetes and other health problems, people began to reflect on their eating habits and found that there are excessive calories in sugar. so they began to control sugar intake,meanwhile looking for sweet alternatives that do not contain heat.

As a result, artificial sweeteners such as acesulfame, aspartame and sucralose started to emerge.

Artificial sweeteners are easy to manufacture, low cost, and most importantly do not contain any calories, which solves the high calorie problems associated with sugar.

However, due to chemical synthesis, artificial sweeteners have been associated with safety concerns since their inception.

With the continuous evolution of consumer cognition and the formation of low-calorie, safety and other consumer pain points, natural sweeteners have ushered in tremendous opportunities for development.

The earliest natural sweetener was steviol glucoside. It was extracted from a plant called Stevia.

It quickly developed upon its launch, but it also had a fatal weakness—poor taste.

There will be a noticeable bitter after entering the mouth.this will be intolerable for the food industry.

Compared with steviol glycosides, the greatest advantage of the Luo Han Guo(monk fruit) sweetener is that it has a good taste, it's the natural sweetener closest to sucrose flavor what currently found.

Therefore, Luo Hanguo has rapidly gained recognition from food companies and consumers in recent years, especially in the US market.

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