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Monk fruit benefits more

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The function of the fruit tree is so strong that you love it after reading it.

First, the treatment of cough cough

The most common is tea or herbal tea mangosteen, mangosteen tea every day to drink, no medicine can easily cure cough.

Luohanguo lung soup: will handle the clean lung and cut into small pieces with boiling water boiled, boiled directly into the pot filled with water after, then add onions, ginger, tangerine peel and Momordica, add appropriate amount of salt and cooking wine, cooking with medium heat for 1 hours.

Four, let the anger down Jeffrey

Summer and autumn is the best time to eat the Momordica fruit, strong anger, boil a bowl of peach fruit porridge, Qingfei purging fire, Runzao, especially suitable for children's delicate spleen and stomach.

Food: with 20~30 grams of dried peach, plus a fruit, with some rice, you can boil peach, jade fruit porridge, children love to eat.


Five. Momordica fruit

Let the small partners lose weight again

It tastes 300 times sweeter than sucrose, but it doesn't produce heat, and it contains rich vitamin C. It has the effect of expelling toxins, smoothing skin and benefiting the skin, and it can prevent and cure obesity.

Methods: 2 S.grosvenorii weight, brown rice 150 grams of salt, 1 tsp. Pour 3 bowls of water in the pot, open water, add rice and Mangosteen, to simmer porridge to eat some porridge, sooner or later, mangosteen, health and nutrition, significant weight loss!

Six, the Momordica fruit to make the stomach more smooth, and can also drink with other tea, adjust the intestinal tract, can cure constipation, detoxification, the elderly and children can usually drink tea, prolong life, conditioning complexion. IMG_260

Seven, the Momordica can also cook

Jeffrey can not only tea, cure, also can cook, especially in traditional Chinese medicine recommend carrot mangosteen pot soup, add pig, Chufan sedative, expectorant.

Food: green radish, carrot peeled diced, and half a pig spine, mangosteen, pig, ginger soup into the pot, add water 2500 ml (10 bowl), the fire after boiling pot, simmer and cook for 2 hours, transferred amount of salt, can be used for 3 to 4 people with oh.


Eight, Jeffrey treating acute gastritis many young people do not pay attention to diet, leading to acute gastritis, usually can also drink honey water Luohanguo nursed back to health, can make the gas machine smooth, lifting was adjusted, the stomach is restored, so as to effectively improve the symptoms of gastritis.

Nine, the fruit can prevent coronary heart disease in middle-aged and elderly people easily get coronary heart disease, as a daily drink, can effectively prevent coronary heart disease, vascular sclerosis.

Ten, mangosteen is diabetic patients can not be treated diabetic sugar Momordica, only diabetes sweeteners, help improve diabetes, but not cure. The sweetness of grosvenor momordica is equal to 300 times that of sucrose, which can be the natural source of sugar for diabetics. At present, there is no case of diabetic patients with elevated blood sugar caused by using Momordica fruit.

11, a mangosteen is rich in trace elements, can dissolve free radicals containing rich trace elements and special S.grosvenorii antioxidant, can dissolve the free radicals produced in vivo after radical The new supersedes the old., prevent the oxidation of the body tissues, maintain the body's normal operation. Therefore S.grosvenorii has a certain role in mitigation of constipation, asthma, inflammation of lung heat.


1. often smoking, drinking, lung, liver, stomach and need to clean up their hydrotherapy.

2. actors, teachers, broadcasters, salesmen and so on need to protect the pronunciation organ.

3. work overtime late at night, easy to get angry, reduce the ability of detoxification.

4., sitting in an office for a long time, breathing less outdoor fresh air, affecting lung function.

5. outdoor activities, large amount of exercise, the body water easily lost.

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