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Monk Fruit extract: bring fresh vitality to the market of high strength sweeteners

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The director of global strategic research center Daymon Carl Jorgensen recently talked about the health of consumers, Momordica extract high intensity sweetener into the market may bring some impact on stevia. However, he also said, "Stevia will always run ahead."."

High intensity sweeteners are still very keen on the pursuit of low calorie or even zero calorie consumers alike, manufacturers would also like to adapt to the needs of consumers. According to Euromonitor, a market research company reports, 2014 to 2019, is expected to high intensity sweeteners will be 2% compound annual growth rate continued to rise; natural sweetener Stevia with a growth rate of 3% over the same period rose. These data strongly demonstrate the great potential of natural sweeteners, including market applications of extracts from the wild.

A research report of Euromonitor material analyst John George showed that Momordica grosvenori Stevia is out of the shadows. For example, Monk Fruit, a global leader in the 70% international market, says that in 2015, their supplies doubled in order to keep up with market demand. The company also highlighted the potential for the market to grab a bigger share of the high sweetener market. Monk Fruit's cooperative company, Tate&Lyle, is distributing its products through the Purefruit brand.

This month, the American Archer Daniels Midland announced a partnership with GLG Life Tech, which plans to bring Stevia and Momordica fruit sweeteners to consumers.

About grosvenor momordica

It is a small melon, growing in southern China and Northern Thailand. The most important sweet ingredient in Momordica fruit is V, and its sweetness degree is 350 times of that of sucrose. China is the largest production and export country of V, and exports amounted to 260 tons in 2014, of which 90% exported to the United States and japan.

Jorgensen said that until 2017, the demand for Momordica extract in the Canadean project will continue to grow at an annual rate of 5%. Lu Ann Williams Innova, director of marketing, said that the combined effects of reduced sugar consumption and clean labeling trends have promoted the use of natural sweeteners in more complex mixtures. Although the market activity of related products is lower than Stevia leaves, the public interest in these products is gradually deepened. Innova data show that 64% of the world's soft drinks are listed in the United states. In addition, Euromonitor estimated production this year will be more than 450 tons of Momordica extract, high intensity sweetener market may replace 1%.

Successful positioning

These extracts have been certified by FDA GARS, from table sweeteners to drinks, baked foods, yogurt, sauces, desserts and sweets. George notes that the use of Momordica extract has expanded to mainstream markets, such as ingredients for Starbucks and Chobani yogurt.

If the supplier purchased high-quality raw materials and appropriate development of the corresponding market, the application scope of the fruit will gradually broaden in the sweetener market. But the problem now is that the development costs of the mainstream use of the fruit tree are still too expensive. Jorgense mentioned that the present Momordica fruit extract is derived from fruits; there is no synthetic product.

It is difficult for the growth of the fruit to germinate for several months. Jorgensen says that the fruit that can be used to purify the sweet Momordica extract is relatively less. This means that most of the bitter fruits are discarded. It also limits the supply of the extract of Momordica fruit over a period of time, and it is also necessary to study how to produce more quickly and more in the industry, and how to extract sweet components more effectively from fruits.

Jorgensen said, "Momordica has a different flavor than other ingredients, which makes it more suitable than Stevia Stevia added to different products."." Of course, with stevia, as the extraction process, refining process gradually mature, you will find some of the bad taste will be improved.

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