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Monk Fruit Sweet - Natural Health

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Luo Han Guo(Monk fruit) is a very high nutritional value and very sweet fruit, but also a common Chinese medicine.

We all know that many sweet foods contain many sugars, and because of their different sugars, their sweetness will also be different.

Sucrose is a sugar with higher sweetness that is usually eaten. A glycoside contained in monk fruit is more than 300 times as sweet as sucrose.

This is why the monk fruit Tea is so sweet. Of course, Luo Han Guo also has glucose, fructose, and other D-mannitol other sweet ingredients.

So, Can diabetics eat it?

Although the Monk fruit is sweet, its main ingredient is mogroside, which belongs to the triterpenoids.

Although this type of sugar has high sweetness, it does not convert to glucose, and its metabolism does not require the participation of insulin.

Therefore, Luo Han Guo is a perfect sweetener for diabetics. At the same time, these ingredients have almost no calories, no excess calories, and no fear of causing obesity.

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