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New ideas for food hypoglycemic

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The development of the health industry is always full of opportunities and changes. The once-famous "sugar" is now the target of public criticism,

replaced by more natural and healthy plant sugar. Consumers are already aware of the dangers of excessive sugar intake,

from affecting fertility to negative emotions such as depression and anxiety, especially high fructose corn syrup, which increases the risk of obesity and diabetes.

In order to control the consumption of sugar content of consumers, many countries have begun to collect sugar tax.

Food and beverage companies are following the trend of the whole environment to develop low sugar as a product development trend.

Consumers are very willing to purchase products with low sugar claims.

Natural sweeteners are a growing market that is not only attractive to people with diabetes,

but also tempting for those who are vegetarian, but the first prerequisite is to ensure the safety of the ingredients.

The main roles of the natural sweetener market are stevia and monk fruit. These two natural, stable and high-sweet ingredients have been GRAS certified by the US FDA.

Stevia extract is the most widely used in the market and can be applied to almost all foods and beverages. However, the only shortcoming is the after bitter taste.

Some companies have solved this problem through patented technology.

Monk fruit is also a relatively stable hypoglycemic formula. It is reported that the sweetness of powdered Luo Han Guo extract is about 150-200 times that of sucrose,

while the concentrated juice type is 15-20 times sweeter. Since 2009, more than 600 kinds of Luo Han Guo extract products, including beverages, have been launched worldwide.

Monk fruit is mainly used in dairy products, dairy substitute drinks, fruit juices, flavored waters and carbonated drinks.

At present, with the promotion of enterprises represented by Hunan Huacheng, Luo Hanguo's global market layout will usher in new market opportunities.

In short, with the sweep of the global sugar reduction revolution, more natural sugar substitute materials and black technology will stand out and enter the hands of the health industry and consumers, so that more people will benefit.

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