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No coffee, still stay energized all day long

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The caffeine contained in coffee is itself a powerful central nervous system stimulant.

This means that caffeine will temporarily bring energy, but after drinking too much, the central nervous system will continue to stimulate and may cause anxiety and nervousness.

This tension means that the nervous system and adrenal glands of the human body, as well as the glands that regulate stress hormones, have a negative reaction to excessive stimulation.

When the secretion of adrenaline has reached its peak, ingestion of coffee can lead to exhaustion.

It is best not to fall into this situation, as this will enter the endless cycle of “continuous caffeine stimulation, over-stimulation and fatigue”.

And if you keep drinking coffee, you will soon need to drink more coffee before you can finish your normal work; when your energy is exhausted, you will feel more tired.

The following herbs can be used as a natural alternative to coffee, they can make people stay energized without causing side effects such as tension.

Chinese ginseng

Ginseng has always been a "magic" in traditional Chinese medicine and daily life.

even when life is dying, ginseng can be used to hang a breath. ". In Western medicine theory, ginseng is classified as “Adaptogen” herbal medicine,

which can supplement energy, relieve fatigue, improve immunity and prolong life.

Ginkgo biloba

Ginkgo biloba is often referred to as the "brain herb" because it has a positive effect on cognitive function.

Ginkgo biloba can help promote brain activity, enhance attention and memory.


Beetroot is the main source of sugar, but the nutrient content in beetroot is very rich, not just a source of sweetness.

Beet roots contain high levels of nitrates and can be used as a factor in blood coagulation.

Ingestion of beetroot can double the amount of nitrate in the blood, and nitrate can reduce the amount of oxygen required by the muscles,

thus increasing endurance. Beetroot has natural red vitamin B12 and high quality iron, which is the best natural nutrient for women and vegetarians.


The guarana extract comes from the native Brazilian plant Paullinia cupana.

This extract enhances mental concentration and energy, and it also helps improve short-term memory.


Maca is a unique plant in Peru, and it is also an "Adaptogen" plant, which has a remarkable function of replenishing energy.

In addition, Macagan can help improve learning, memory, mental function and physical performance.

Rhodiola rosea

This plant not only increases endurance, but also increases strength and speeds up recovery after exercise.

Other effects of Rhodiola include reducing inflammation and relieving stress-related fatigue and depression.

Schizandra berry

Schisandra is also an "Adaptogen" herbal medicine, is a rare energy propeller, but also a powerful antioxidant.

In Chinese medicine, the medicinal value of Schisandra is also very high, and it has the effect of nourishing and strengthening, and strengthening the body.

Tongkat ali

Tongkat Ali can help improve mood and other stressors such as tension. To alleviate the long-term effects of daily chronic stress,

Tongkat Ali is also a good choice.

Yerba mate

Paraguay tea is made from a dry leaf of a plant in Paraguay. Because of its many health benefits,

this tea is very popular in South America and is in great demand. Paraguay tea has more antioxidants than green tea.

It promotes body metabolism and improves body function. In addition, the plant can suppress appetite and help the body burn stored fat for energy.

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