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Opening up a new world of natural sweeteners

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Sweeteners, as an indispensable food additive in the food and beverage industry, occupy a pivotal position in the industry. Sweeteners can be divided into carbohydrate sweeteners and non sugar sweeteners in two categories, including sugar sweeteners including sugar, starch sugar (glucose, maltose), non starch sugar sources (fructooligosaccharides, trehalose), sugar alcohols (sorbitol, xylitol); non sugar sweeteners (including natural sweeteners stevioside and Mogroside) and artificial sweeteners (aspartame, Acesulfame-K). Along with the consumer concept of health promotion, healthy market natural sweeteners such as sugar and two kinds of low sugar and low calorie sweeteners, beneficial to human body, which ushered in the explosive growth of natural sweetness of stevioside and Mogroside in representative agent is favored by the food industry are welcome, hundreds of new products come out every year around the world in. In spite of the rapid development of stevioside, the market is limited by the low yield of raw materials, high cost and difficult technology. The development of new technology for the elimination of Momordica glycosides will lead to a broader direction for the development of this species. Mogroside than stevioside closer to the taste of sucrose produced in China's Guangxi S.grosvenorii, is China's traditional heat clearing and detoxifying, phlegm and relieving cough, thirst and Qingfei Runchang medicinal health food, is the first country to approve the edible material. But in foreign countries, it is used as sweetener, because of its strong sweetness (sweetness is 300 times of sucrose), no heat, pure natural, good taste and other attributes. In recent years, Mogroside in Europe and America from little-known to widely accepted food and beverage industry, has become a natural and healthy sweetener sweetener ideal. The results showed that the effect of health care function of the Momordica fruit was outstanding, and it can play a positive role in improving the immune system, liver and blood sugar of the modern people, and meet the health requirements of consumers. Compared with the traditional natural sweetener stevioside, the taste of stevioside is closer to that of sucrose, and the sweetness curve almost overlaps with sucrose, which is unmatched by any other sweeteners. After bitter, after taste of MOG will not produce any bitter taste, confirmed by lots of experiments, and sucrose taste gives people the feeling is almost the same, this has to a certain extent, make up for the lack of stevioside. In recent years, the rapid growth of the market has attracted more and more foreign market, and the products of the use of Momordica glycosides in the food and beverage industry are also increasing gradually. Market research consulting firm CCM believes that with its unique low sugar and low calorie characteristics and its downstream beverage industry applications, the market size of the Chinese market is expected to increase by 400% in 2019. At present, the producing areas of the fruits are mainly distributed in southern China and Northern Thailand, while the production enterprises are mainly concentrated in china. Guilin Gifford Si Co. Ltd., Rhine biological Polytron Technologies Inc Jeffrey GLG, the Guilin life science and technology group and Hunan Huacheng biological resources Co. Ltd. is the main domestic manufacturers of mogrosides, these enterprises have been the product of Mogroside us Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) certification.

In Japan, Tokyo by the Ginza LA Tour Restaurant Manager Shimizu Tadaaki by MOG to completely replace white sugar, developed a series of food including food, drinks, desserts, ice cream, even if diabetes patients can also enjoy the delicacy. I believe that in the future, China's Momordica glycosides industry will usher in take-off, to be more widely used.

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