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Organic food cooking recommendations

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(1) Try to eat fresh;

(2) The freshness of the refrigerator can be maintained at about 5 degrees, organic fresh fish can be stored for about 12 hours, organic poultry is about 24 hours, organic meat is about 48 hours, organic milk is 2-3 days, and organic eggs are 1-2 weeks;

(3) Peeling of fruits and vegetables is not required. Because about 50% of nutrients are usually distributed in the epidermis of plants;

(4) Do not need to soak for a long time, otherwise the water-soluble vitamin will be lost;

(5) Food choice organic whole grains or whole grains such as brown rice, wheat grains and beans;

(6) The best vessels are glass and ceramics because they do not react with food.

Avoid or reduce the use of plastics, metals, and paper vessels.

We often say that money is hard to buy health, and organic safe food is the guarantee of safe food, and it is also our most sought after healthy food. Food safety is a choice for health.

Only we can be responsible for ourselves! Choose organic, choose a healthy life; organic is expensive, good or bad, the right to decide is in your recognition and choice!

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