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Organic, why make our life healthier?

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Now, "organic" seems to have become synonymous with "health." Regardless of any aspect of life, as long as you mention “organic,” words will appear immediately.

This has become a common understanding of people. Be sure that: organic, it will be healthier.

Now, there are a lot of people think the reason of illness is genetic.

However, many studies have found, in fact, the incidence of genes account for only 2% -5% of the total incidence of human reason, up to 15 percent.

For example, like an egg to be hatched, it would logically be to hatch a chicken, but if we keep it in the refrigerator, then the chicken will never be hatched.

Thus, genes sick perhaps there is a certain probability, but external conditions are the main breeding ground of induced illness.

The appearance of organic food(such as monk fruit) is to maintain the exchange of physical information between plants and the human body, to establish a stable information center for human cells, and to arrange cells in an orderly manner.

Even if some unstable cells in our body may induce symptoms, in a relatively stable environment, these cells cannot be induced and cannot grow. On the contrary, if we often eat foods that have added a lot of chemicals, the body's cells receive poor nutrition and are not controlled.

Organic foods are sterilized to the maximum extent due to strict production requirements such as zero pollution, zero fertilizer, zero pesticides, zero hormones, and zero additives. Organic food is not just a concept, but it is a necessary condition for our healthy life.

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