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Pepsi redefined a 10 year goal

Time : 2022-12-06 Hits : 31

On Monday, Pepsi CEO Indra Nooyi announced the company's new 10 year goal - to lose more sugar in the beverage.

Latest plan, by 2025, the company at least 2/3 ounces (12 cans size) drinks, heat will be controlled at 100 calories less than. This last version of the sugar radical target to many, who in 2009 proposed commitment in 2020, product sales in the core part of the country, will lose 25% of the sugar, but from 2006 to 2015, adding sugar in drink Pepsi actually increased by 4%.

Pepsi said, will launch more zero calorie and low calorie beverages, and to realize the innovation of the existing beverage formula of this new target. "Technological breakthroughs enable us to produce better cola, lower calories, but as good as whole cola."." CEO Nooyi representation.

Sugar is not easy. PepsiCo sells beverages to 180 countries worldwide, accounting for about 25% of the beverage business, of which Pepsi only contributes 12%. But the company's main product combination drink cola, Mountain Dew (Mountain Dew), Tropicana and Gatorade, all cannot do without added sugar. At present, contains 46 grams of sugar and a 12 ounce cans filled with dew, and a Pepsi with 150 calories. Less than 40% of Pepsi's drinks meet new requirements.

But Pepsi seems to have been determined. "Over the past 10 years, we've made some progress in reducing sugar, but there's more to be done." Indra Nooyi says, "we have to make sure our products meet the changing consumer demands."."

Of course, in addition to reducing salt intake and lipid consumption trend, the more direct pressure may also come from sugary drinks tax. This month, the WHO (WHO) recommends that governments around the world impose a tax on sugary drinks, and that once the price of beverages rises, sales are expected to drop by 1/5. At present, Britain, France, Mexico, Hungary, and some cities in the United States have introduced similar bills.

In addition, PepsiCo also announced a reduction in other unhealthy ingredients target. In 2025, PepsiCo plans to ensure that including Filido (Frito-Lay), 3/4 brand food, sodium content does not exceed 1.3 mg / card; in addition, at least 3/4 of the food of the saturated fat content, will also be maintained in each of the 100 Card 1.1 grams of standard.

Nooyi said that these efforts are ongoing. For example, in Chinese, new technology has reduced the fried Pepsi saturated fat in food 20%; China and India markets have a low sugar version of seven in the sale; in Mexico and the UK, the company is also the introduction of low sugar soda.

Pepsi had in shaping the healthy image to many, especially in these two years. In addition to coke replacement sweeteners healthier, only in the last three months, it has launched a version of Gatorade and organic probiotic containing Tropicana, was also recently reported possible acquisition of a probiotic drink company; last year, it launched a Hello Goodness program, has launched a number of vending the machine, from the sale of all health food Real Medleys bars to Naked Greg Juice.

Of course, no rival Coca-Cola far behind. In addition to the already launched Life series of sweeteners healthier (is that a green label), it has also bought soy beverage brands AdeS, coarse grains, and plant beverage startups LA Aloe; in order to highlight the sugar free, it is even a "Coca-Cola Zero" to "Coca-Cola Zero" in Sugar the UK has also launched a massive marketing promotion.

But considering last year even sugar free Pepsi Cola sales fell by 7.7% (the number of Coca-Cola fell 4.6%), reducing the target sugar can really boost Pepsi to what extent the performance of soft drinks is not to say. However, this is also a good thing to attract investors. By the end of last Friday, PepsiCo's share price has risen by 6.9% this year, compared with 3% for old rivals Coca-Cola.

And health layout are Pepsi opens up a new market. Nearly 25% of the company's revenues last year came from "daily nutrition" products, which are products that cover all Cereals, fruits, vegetables, dairy products, proteins and moisture, PepsiCo said. (source: curiosity daily)

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