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Significance of monitoring blood glucose at different time points

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Remember monitoring at least 3-4 times Fasting blood sugar every day.The number of blood glucose monitoring and the recorded value are very important, usually before and after three meals and before bedtime, in the early morning, which is conducive to the discovery of hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia.

why Monitoring blood sugar that 2 hours after a meal

Mainly to observe whether the insulin used is appropriate, of course, this is also related to whether the diet is excessive and reasonable. If the diet contains too much fat and protein, it is likely to have hypoglycemia 2 hours after a meal, and high blood sugar may occur before the next meal, which will involve our adjustment of diet and insulin.

the significance and importance of monitoring early morning blood sugar

When the child falls asleep in the early morning, it is prone to non-perceived hypoglycemia. Many children may not have any performance, but there have been such real cases: the parents of the children talked with the doctor during the outpatient consultation, and when they were sleeping at night, they were awakened by the sound of the "clam" in the children's room. It was the child's convulsion, and the blood sugar level measured immediately was extremely low. This situation is actually very dangerous.

Monitoring the blood sugar at 1-3 am. in the morning can also guide the amount of insulin, and feedback whether the amount of insulin used in the previous night is appropriate, whether it is high or low.

1. If the blood sugar is high in the early morning and the blood sugar is high in the morning, there may be a dawn phenomenon, and the amount of nighttime basal rate should be increased.

2. If the blood sugar is low in the early morning and the blood sugar is high in the morning, it may be a low-hyperglycemia reaction, and the amount of insulin before bedtime should be reduced.

Common Sense:

Monk fruit extract is derived from the pulp of the fruit and is used to sweeten foods and beverages without the calories of sugar. In addition, the extract appears to lower both blood sugar and blood lipids in experimental models of animal diabetes.The active sweet substances appear to be the mogrosides which are about 2- 300 times the as sweet as table sugar. The mogrosides also function as antioxidants, potentially limiting the oxidative damage caused by high levels of blood glucose.

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