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Stevia has become the new favorite in the beverage market

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Stevia is also called stevioside. It is a glycoside extracted from the leaves of Compositae.

In today's healthy and green society, traditional beverages face severe challenges. 

Year-on-year declines in sales data motivate the beverage industry to adopt healthier and more natural sweeteners.

Stevia is a new favorite of the beverage market due to its high sweetness and low heat energy.

Information from the international sweeteners industry shows that stevioside has been widely used in the production of 

food, beverages, and seasonings in Asia, North America, South America, and EU countries.

At the end of 2016, there were 1,396 Beverages using Stevia. This figure is not really shocking for the beverage industry affiliated with FMCG. 

However, after comparison, you know what this number means. In 2010, the use of stevia sugar in beverages. 

There were only 149 models. In 6 years, the data was nearly 10 times.

This means that stevioside has become a highly competitive sweetener product from technology research and development to application 

from a sweetener that has been questioned and has a taste defect. This trend is clearly seen in well-known food ingredients exhibitions at home and abroad. 

The development and application of stevioside, as well as trade exhibitors, have shown an increasing trend year by year both in terms of quantity and scale, and on-site atmosphere.

The speed of stevia application on beverages is shocking, but domestic consumers have low awareness of the popularity. 

Although most consumers know that high sugar in beverages is not good for health, they have a healthy sweet taste of stevia. The agent is still in an unfamiliar stage.

However, major industry media have publicized the use of natural sweeteners and the use of stevia sugar as a sweetener by well-known beverage companies in China. 

Such beverages began to appear in the domestic market and were favored by consumers.

Among them, the "XIAOMING classmate" produced by the United Group,Nongfu Springs "Tea π" are two hot drinks,I believe many consumers have tasted it. 

One of their common ground is to replace some of the sugar with stevia.Highlight the health of tea drink.

Natural plant-derived sweeteners not only give consumers taste satisfaction on sweet taste, 

but also control the sugar content within a reasonable range to improve the health value of the beverage.

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