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Steviol glycosides compared to other sweeteners

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1.   Comparison of steviol glycosides and sucrose

 In the human digestive system, sucrose is decomposed into fructose and glucose through digestive juices. 

It is then absorbed by the small intestine and metabolizes a large amount of energy. 

It consumes many vitamins and minerals and affects the absorption of other nutrients by the body.

In addition, sucrose can cause certain health problems, the most common of which is tooth decay.

This is because the bacteria in the oral cavity convert the sucrose content of the food into acid, which erodes the enamel of the teeth.

Sucrose also contains high calories and is the NO.1 killer of human health. It is the source of many diseases such as obesity, diabetes, fatty liver, and heart disease.

However, the advantages of stevia are unmatched by sucrose. Using steviol glycosides instead of sucrose to process foods and beverages is not only more beneficial to health, 

but also meets the requirements for the gradual development of foods and beverages to low saccharification.

2.Comparison of steviol glycosides and artificial sweeteners

Artificial sweeteners have poor thermal stability to acids and bases and are easily hydrolyzed in strong acids and alkalis or when heated at high temperatures.

It will generate a bitter taste phenylalanine or diterpenes.

At the same time, artificial sugars can be broken down into harmful ingredients by the action of human gastrointestinal enzymes:

Methanol (10%) (strongly toxic, blind),Aspartic acid (40%) and phenylalanine (50%) are not suitable for long-term or special populations.

all the right and wrong of artificial sweeteners, a lot of time not only the cause of the sweetener itself.

In the production process using chemical synthesis,Mixed with various impurity contaminants in sweeteners,

It is equally disturbing.

Even if the content is not high, but accumulated over a long period of time, it will often cause physical damage.

Using pure natural extraction methods, the hazards generated in the chemical reaction are not introduced into stevia, naturally avoiding such risks.

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