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Stress control, another way to prevent weight gain

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When it comes to managing weight, the role of diet has gained recognition. After all, your weight and size usually depend on what you eat.

In fact, there are many important factors that affect weight changes. Stress is one of them.

The Stanford University School of Medicine recently published a new study in the Journal of Cell Metabolism that explored this situation more profoundly.

In particular, this study shows for the first time at the molecular level why people will gain weight due to chronic stress.

The reason is that chronic stress disturbs the circadian rhythm and is often treated with glucocorticoids.

However, changes in the levels of glucocorticoids, particularly cortisol, also have a significant effect on weight management,

especially using glucocorticoids in the evening.

Studies suggest that weight gain can be effectively reduced by controlling changes in certain hormonal impulses.

According to Dr. Mary Teruel, who is involved in the study, glucocorticoid drug therapy is very important for rheumatoid arthritis and asthma,

and it is even essential for some patients. In fact, glucocorticoid drugs also have important effects on body weight changes and are considered safe,

without adding side effects such as weight and bone loss.

MaryTeruel said that usually fat cells will be updated at a standard rate of 10% per year.

These cells will undergo apoptosis and be replaced by newly differentiated fat cells,

but this mechanism has not been known for a long time. However, the current research has identified the mechanism and the key molecules involved are eventually identified.

In this study, the researchers performed a series of tests. The first study found that administration of glucocorticoids for a 48-hour intervention experiment induced most of the adipocyte differentiation.

The 12-hour glucocorticoid intervention did not have a significant overall effect.

Subsequently, the researchers tried to understand whether this effect was effective for living animals.

The researchers conducted a 21-day intervention study of mice and found that the circadian loss of glucocorticoids in animals and the doubling of animal fat mass were related.

In addition, studies have also found that when glucocorticoids are injected, they usually do not increase fat.

However, when animals are injected at the peak time of the animal's clock, it will increase animal fat.

Researchers believe that as of now the study has many implications for human body weight management.

For example, the time of stress is very important, it can trigger the switch of the precursor cells into adipocytes.

Studies have also shown that if stress or glucocorticoid interventions are performed during the day,

they do not increase weight. This opens up new ideas for people to deal with related diseases and stress relief and weight control.

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