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Sugar control must be cautious!

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Hypoglycemia is a group of syndromes that are based on blood glucose levels and cover a variety of causes.

According to incomplete statistics, there are as many as 40 species.

If our blood glucose level is less than 3.9 mmol/L, it belongs to the category of hypoglycemia.


The path to hypoglycemia

✓ Excessive use of oral hypoglycemic agents in diabetics

✓ Diabetics take medication before meals, too long to eat

✓Overdose of insulin in diabetics or long time to eat after injection

✓ There are gastrointestinal diseases or diabetes due to autonomic neuropathy affecting gastric emptying

✓ Excessive exercise

✓ Deterioration of renal function

✓ Infirm people do not eat breakfast

How to treat hypoglycemia urgently?


✚ For unconscious people, immediately give 50% glucose 20ml intravenous injection

✚ For those who are conscious, they should quickly replenish the easily-absorbed carbohydrates (15-20g of sugar):

1 sipping sugar or honey; 200ml of juice or syrup; 1 ~3 pieces of diabetes-specific glucose tablets; 3~5 cookies, etc.

✚Monitor blood glucose every 15 minutes.

If blood glucose is still less than 3.9mmol/L, take 15g of glucose until blood glucose is normal.

✚ If blood glucose does not return to normal in the short term, you should go to the hospital immediately!

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