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Sugary drinks should also indicate harmful health?

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 "Don't drink again to eat the season." The circle of friends, a lot of Jinan so sigh. In the streets of the supermarket, will also see, holding various beverages people come and go.

Summer is the beverage sales season, with the change of lifestyle, "to drink when the drink water" has become a part of people's living habits. Drink iced sweetened beverages is very comfortable, but it will bring a lot of harm to health, especially to children and adolescents, therefore, recently some experts suggested, should be the warning label on sugary drinks, alert consumers.

Who is addicted to sugar is more harmful than smoking

WHO has investigated the cause of death, 23 of the country's population concludes: addicted to sugar worse than smoking, long-term consumption of foods with high sugar content will make people's life is shortened obviously, and put forward the "quit sugar" slogan.

Containing added sugar sweetened beverages belongs to sugar. Add sugar refers to, in the food cooking and sugar added in the production process, including sugar, white sugar, brown sugar, sugar, maltose and natural found in honey, syrup and sugar in the juice." The director of the Ji'nan Municipal Hospital Department of public health Zhao Limei said, excessive intake will increase the risk of dental caries, obesity, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, sugary drinks is to add a large source of sugar intake.

Sugary drinks sugar in the end? A pot of 355 milliliters of cola contains 37 grams of sugar, a bottle of 500 ml of fruit juice drinks contain 40 to 60 grams of sugar. That is to say, every day you drink a bottle, already has more than the advice of WHO -- the latest recommended daily intake of added sugar is preferably not more than 25 grams, must control in less than 50 grams.

Chinese Nutrition Institute director Fan Zhihong introduced that survey system of disease control, drink sweet drinks group is the largest number of teenagers and young people, and the ten years of data is growing fast.

That drink intake survey of 4 provinces in China, 3 to 17 year olds drink consumption high, high consumer added sugar than has been more than 6%, of which 13 to 17 year old male consumers drink high sugar added up to 8.1% functions.

Academic appeal: sugary drinks labeled warning labels

In Zhao Limei's view, drink sugary drinks are popular in recent ten years, the new way of life, I think people started to drink is a fashionable thing, are not aware of its harm to health.

"To drink when Mr. Guo drink" of the public is 80, he told reporters that the habit of drinking sugary drinks since the beginning of 2010, "a kind of beverage cans are the biggest barrel in our home, I seldom drink every day, is to drink a cup of juice." In recent years, his weight from the original more than 120 pounds to the present more than 160 jin. What bothers him is that his 2 year old son, like him, loves to drink all kinds of fruit juice drinks.

Lack of correct understanding of the harm of sugary drinks, there are many problems in the reality. But sugary drinks are becoming more and more harmful to children and adolescents.

So recently, "the American Journal of preventive medicine" published studies that if the sugary drinks packaging posted unhealthy warning labels, will reduce the teenagers and their parents buy sugary drinks. Researchers believe that sugar is harmful to health, just like smoking, so it should be labeled with sugary drinks to alert consumers.

Study included 2202 children and adolescents aged 12 to 18, which saw warning labels such as increased calorie intake, obesity, diabetes and dental caries in children, to give up the purchase of sugary drinks than the proportion of more than 15% children did not see the label.

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