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The advantages of stevia sugar

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As a non-calorie sugar substitute, for consumers who are looking for a natural, non-caloric, sweet alternative to their healthy lifestyle balance and weight management program,It is a perfect, unprecedented opportunity.

1. High security. Residents of steviol glycosides origin (Paraguay, Marseille, South America, etc.) have been eating for hundreds of years and have not found any poison.

2. Low calorific value. It is used to make low-calorie foods and beverages. It is very suitable for people with diabetes, obesity, and arteriosclerosis.

3. Stevioside is easily soluble in water and alcohol, and tastes better when mixed with sucrose, fructose, and isomerized sugar.

4. Steviol glycosides are non-fermentable substances, stable in nature, not easy to mildew, will not change in the production of food, beverages, etc., but also easy to store and transport. Long-term consumption will not cause dental caries.

5. Stevia glycosides taste like sucrose, but also has a unique cool, sweet features. Can be used to make flavor foods, candy, etc.

It can also be used as a flavoring agent. Suppresses the odor and odor of certain foods and medicines, and substitutes sucrose for the manufacture of pharmaceuticals, syrups, granules, and pills.

Can also be used for spices, pickles products, toothpaste, cosmetics and cigarettes.

6. Stability: Under normal food and beverage processing conditions, the properties of steviol glycosides are quite stable, which helps to reduce the viscosity, inhibit bacterial growth, and extend the product shelf life.

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