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The advantages of using sweeteners instead of sugars

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The preference for sweetness is human nature. In ancient times, sweetness originated from mature fruits or honey, and the sugars can be quickly converted into energy to supplement the body.

In modern times, the development of agriculture and advances in sugar making technology have made sugar extremely cheap and accessible.

The health problems caused by the consumption of polysaccharides are increasing. The earliest people are concerned about obesity and diabetes.

The appearance of sweeteners seems to have surprised people.

It can bring both sweet and sugar-free calories and should help to lose weight.

It does not participate in the metabolism of sugar and therefore does not affect blood sugar and insulin, so that diabetics can also enjoy sweetness.
For example, President Roosevelt of the United States had diabetes and loved sweets. The appearance of saccharin made him very happy.

Many people in the nutrition industry believe that sweeteners are more harmful to health than sugar.
However, this argument is not reasonable.

From the current scientific evidence, the impact of sugar on health is straightforward and clear.

For sweeteners, there are some studies that show that specific types of sweeteners are not as good as they were originally thought, and there may be some “possibility” that affects health.

There are two things to note:

1. Each sweetener is different, and even if this sweetener has some kind of "hazard," it does not mean that other sweeteners do so;

2. Those "damages of sweeteners" are only preliminary evidence, and more of them are "potentially possible."

After all, they have passed the current safety assessment. Even if there is a problem of “not found”, it may not be as damaging as sugar.

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