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The function of Luo Hanguo flower

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The Luo Hanguo flower also has a throat effect, and the Luo Hanguo flower has a strong aroma.

It can also be made into a flower tea to entertain guests.

Luohanguo flower has good curative effect on cough, pharyngitis, and tracheitis caused by excessive tobacco and alcohol, sore throat, and hot wind, and has the same effect as Luohanuo.

But it is more taboo than Luo Hanuo

1. There are allergenic factors in flowers, so people who are allergic to pollen should be cautious.

Luohanguo tea will make itchy skin, pain, and erythema on all parts of the body.

2. Infants and young children to pay attention to when drinking Luohanguo flower tea, because it is cold and it is easy to cause symptoms such as diarrhea, it is not recommended for infants and young children to take.

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