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The rising market of sweet taste -- Grosvenor Momordica

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"Round fruits artesian yellow, yoshina holds above the arhats. From the mountain monk for guests, more taste of boiled soup." As early as the Song Dynasty, the poet in the use of poetry has been praised in the form of poetry. Siraitiagrosvenorii is a perennial vine of the gourd family, which has been used for hundreds of years in china. Sweet, cool, with Qingfeizhike, promote the curative effect of intestinal function, can treat acute and chronic bronchitis, acute and chronic tonsillitis, acute gastritis, constipation and other symptoms.

The natural sweetener of grosvenor momordica  is a kind of sweetener, without any heat and carbohydrate, and 100% pure natural. Compared with Stevia sweetener, Momordica grosvenori sweetening agent sweet but no odor, also has antioxidant properties, Runfei cough effect, natural sweet gradually become more popular and more high-grade agent.

It has both health efficacy and zero heat dual attributes

In recent years, artificial sweeteners safety to aspartame and sucralose as the representative of the three questioned. Although EFSA in 2013 had damage to aspartame were re evaluated, the conclusion is: aspartame is safe for consumers." But consumers don't seem to be cold about the results, and they're still looking for natural and safe sweeteners. MOG has good solubility and stability, has played down the effect of sour and salty, has cover effects on astringency and bitterness, flavor, synergistic effect on milk flavor and spicy taste, so a broader range of applications.

Mangosteen contains a variety of nutrients, such as vitamin C, glucoside, fructose, glucose and protein components. Modern medicine holds that Momordica has the properties of lowering the three highs, improving body weight and antioxidation, and these results have also been verified by experimental studies. For example, studies have shown that the antioxidant properties of antioxidant glycosides and resistance to inflammation can inhibit the production of harmful free radical molecules, prevent the occurrence of diseases and improve people's health.

According to herbridge media understanding, after the research team led by Beijing University of Agriculture to select the various plant metabolites in May this year, found that three saponins containing components in Siraitia grosvenorii has cytotoxic effect on tumor cells, especially breast cancer. The study also found that some of the three terpenoids contained in the fruit of grosvenor momordica fruit have the direct inhibitory effect on tumor cells, which provides a new idea for the development of tumor prevention and treatment drugs in the medical field. The relevant intellectual property rights involved in this study have applied for a number of international invention patents and national invention patents. Previous studies in animals and in vitro studies have shown that Momordica extract has the effect of inhibiting the growth of cancer cells, but the specific mechanism of action is unclear.

The output of grosvenor momordica fruit is increasing year by year

Jeffrey nature Xi cool, the temperature difference between day and night, not high temperature, the climate is extremely harsh requirements, so our planting base is mainly located in Siraitia grosvenorii in North Guangxi Guilin city of Guangxi Province, the climate condition in this area is more appropriate. 80% of the world's China produced from Momordica grosvenori, at the same time, China's relevant laws and regulations shall not be Luohanguo seeds and their genetic material from China, origin and legal factors limit the single share in the global market S.grosvenorii to some extent. This unique regional growth is like a double-edged sword. On the one hand, the planting area of grosvenor momordica fruit can not be widely planted because of its unique climatic conditions. On the other hand, with the rise of people's health awareness, the demand for natural sweeteners will continue to increase in the future, and the market value of the fruit will gradually rise, after all, the content is rare.

In recent years, the bottleneck of raw material restriction has been gradually broken. With the continuous improvement and innovation of cultivation techniques and breeding techniques, the planting area of grosvenor momordica fruit is gradually spreading to areas outside of (Hunan, Jiangxi and Fujian). Hunan Huacheng biology to herbridge media said, the company has successfully developed more new varieties of cold resistant seedlings of Siraitia grosvenorii, effectively solve the adaptability problem in the Guilin area north of planting, and more resistance than traditional varieties.

The future market development space is larger

Sugar tax and the promotion of health awarenessMedical research shows that sugary drinks are likely to cause obesity, and obesity is a cause of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, kidney disease, eye disease, arthritis and some cancers. The state should not only spend a lot of money and medical resources to treat these diseases, but these diseases and the resulting death patients can have been avoided. At present, the world has many countries began to tax sugary soft drinks, such as France, Hungary, Belgium and Norway, even the always playfully fat Americans have begun to levy sugar tax, although only in the individual states began to promote. In the future, there will be more countries and regions in the world to join the tide.

Survey shows that consumers have realized the effect on human health and longevity of the food itself, this trend will promote consumers to "natural, low sugar and no artificial additives products demand. Sensus survey data show that in 2015, more than 60% of the European population said it is monitoring their daily intake of sugar, 25% of people said that it is actively searching for low sugar content of food. More than half (55%) of the survey data show that the use of sugar can reduce the dosage of sweetener products will influence consumer purchase choices, and the survey data show that Europeans love natural sweeteners, especially Stevia and mangosteen.

Grosvenor fruit market:As far as the global market is concerned, the consumption areas of the glycosides are mainly concentrated in the United States, Europe and japan. At present, the United States is the largest consumer of Momordica glycosides. In recent years, the consumption of Momordica glycosides has gradually increased in the United States market. However, compared with stevia, so far, its application in the products is still relatively limited, and mainly concentrated in the U.S. market. From March 2015 to March 2016, only 64% of the world's soft drinks were added.

According to the data of Novartis market research company, the new products of the sweetener used in the U.S. market in 2014 were 70% higher than those in the 13 year. With the further acceptance and acceptance of the sweetener, its application in the food and beverage industry is further increased. In 2015, 1-5 months, the United States market on the production of 187 kinds of products containing sweeteners as sweetener sweeteners, an increase of 140%, is expected in the future the growth rate of sweetener sweetener will further increase. But compared with the European and American regions, demand for natural sweeteners in the Asia Pacific region is relatively small, lack of a source of health cognition to consumers, on the other hand due to higher prices, to some extent limit the natural sweeteners market development.

As far as the Japanese market is concerned, with the improvement of consumers' health consciousness, the natural sweeteners represented by Momordica and stevioside are coming into people's vision. The use of natural sweeteners in condiments and dessert Japanese market trend is gradually expanding, manufacturers often use mangosteen and erythritol instead of sucrose, claiming that "sugar 0 grams", "sales of sugar 0%CUT" good. Since the beginning of 2016, the relevant enterprises launched low sugar products, such as Senyong dairy has launched "delicious dessert sugar pudding" personal training hall Raizappu focused on reducing sugar, under the supervision of the launch of "conscientious dessert dessert" series.

According to herbridge media understanding, with the common practice of natural, natural source of sweetener is gradually gaining consumer recognition and attention. Saraya company believes that "good health and image will bring increasing demand", and in 2015 in Guilin, China set up a new plant producing natural sweetener, Momordica extract. In addition to expanding supplies to the European and American markets, which are far from synthetic sweeteners, they have also begun to supply this material in japan. In addition, Yokohama oil industry began to supply the raw materials of Momordica fruit since 2015.

As far as our country is concerned, although about 80% of the global fruit trees are produced in China, most of them are exported to foreign markets. At present, most of the fresh fruits of Chinese Momordica fruit are roasted directly into dried fruits, which are mainly used in traditional Chinese medicine and other industries, and part of them are processed into Momordica glycosides. In addition, the downstream application in China is mainly concentrated in the beverage industry, such as the unified launch of the "sea of words" and "Xiao Ming classmates", especially the latter, sold in the market last year. The application field of grosvenor momordica fruit juice is more targeted, mainly in beverage industry. At present, the unification is not only in the development of fruit juice products, but also in the market trends and consumer preferences, look forward to more brilliant fruit juice application in the field of wine!

The rise and development of the fruit tree in the global market can not do without the dedication of the silent dedication in the industry. The main suppliers in China have Momordica extract Guilin in Rhine, Guilin and Hunan Huacheng Gifford Si quality enterprises, are currently obtained GRAS certification of the United states.

With obesity and diabetes in the world increasingly popular today, when we are friends again and again by WeChat sports and fitness activities constantly refresh, people on the heat, sugars and carbohydrates in the diet attention than ever to attention, which promoted the development of low calorie and low natural sugar the future of pure natural sweeteners, low calorie and sweet the safety and health of the agent (stevia, mangosteen) will gradually into people's lives, to bring more people to the sweet.

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