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The sugar contained in Luo Han Guo is different from sucrose

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The sugar contained in Luo Han Guo is different from the sugar in sucrose.For esgoside, it is a kind of oligosaccharide.

300 times sweeter than sucrose;It also contains fructose, amino acids, flavonoids, etc.

monk fruit is sweet because the fruit contains the sweetness of non-sugar ingredients.

Mainly triterpenoids: mogroside V and IV [1-3],mogroside V has a sweetness of 256-344 times that of sucrose.

mogroside IV has a sweetness of 126 times that of sucrose, and no mogroside IV does not show a sweet taste;

The second is D-mannitol,Its sweetness is 0.55-0.65 times that of sucrose.

Because the monk fruit is very sweet,Therefore, the Luo Han Guo is a food with high sugar content.

Some people with diabetes don't dare to eat,In fact, the sugar in Luo Han Guo is oligosaccharides.

Basically, human insulin is not needed to decompose,and,Oligosaccharides can also function to regulate blood sugar in the body.

It is a substitute sugar for better diabetics.

For obese people,The esgoside of the monk fruit,Although it is sweeter, it is basically not absorbed by the human body.

The amount of heat contained is negligible.So don't worry about getting fat.

Although Luo Han Guo is cultivated in many places in China,But the best is in Guilin.

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