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The United States launched natural chocolate ChocZero containing Monk fruit extract

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 Jen Miller, a nutritionist at Snapfit, points out that although chocolate has a lot of potential benefits for health, the negative effect of chocolate on sugar is far greater than the benefits of chocolate.

Unfortunately, a lot of sugar free chocolates on the market are mostly sugar alcohols or artificial sweeteners. Miller thinks this sugar free is self deception. She also pointed out that some consumers believe that artificial sweeteners have a greater harm to health, so they prefer not to buy sugar free products.

Miller pointed out that ChocZero does not contain any artificial ingredients and sweeteners, but uses the Momordica extract and sweet plant fiber to maintain the sweetness of chocolate.

She explained, "this approach can keep the sweetness of chocolate without adding any additives or sugars."

Healthier and cleaner

At the same time, this chocolate also meets the demand of consumers for "clean ingredients". Miller pointed out that many consumers who regularly buy natural foods know that it is a natural substitute for sugar, unlike stevioside, which has an unacceptable aftertaste and is not a chemical component.

In addition, because FDA has been required to mark the content of added sugar in the nutrition label, replacing the sugar in the candy instead of sugar will not cause any negative impact on the sugar content. Miller points out that this chocolate does not contain any added sugar.

The chocolate also contains sweet plant fiber, which can meet the needs of consumers for healthy functional foods.

Millar says: "adding fiber in chocolate not only increases the nutritional content, but also gets more cellulose when consumers eat our chocolate.". At the same time, with the addition of sugar, cellulose can improve satiety and satisfaction."

She added: "cellulose can help delay the digestion of chocolate, prevent sudden rise in blood sugar, and also relieve hunger soon after ingestion."."

ChocZero has Amazon and Snapfit website sales, the upcoming sales entities, including grocery stores and other retailers.

Miller explained that the whole foods are the main concern of the company, but she also believe that they can be sold in other traditional channels, because of the unique taste and health characteristics of ChocZero will attract a lot of mainstream stores and pay attention to the health of consumers.

In addition to the existing milk flavor ChocZero and contains 50%, 70% black chocolate flavor ChocZero, Snapfit wants to expand more flavors in the future.

"We want to use chocolate as a carrier to add more nutrients to our products, such as vitamins and minerals. So consumers can eat other healthy ingredients at the same time they eat chocolate." She added.

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