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This "the most nutritious fruit in the world" is not ordinary

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With the acceleration of the pace of modern life, the concept of time and the concept of competition are strengthened.

Many people are suffering from "modern living disease".

The blueberry with the functions of preventing aging of the brain nerve, protecting eyesight, strengthening the anti-cancer, softening the blood vessels, and strengthening the human body immunity will undoubtedly become the new favorite of people in this period.

The role of "anthocyanin" in blueberry

150g blueberry is only 81 calories, but it can meet the daily needs of 14.4% fiber and 31% of vitamin C!

Blueberry has the highest content of "anthocyanins" in all fruits and vegetables.

Anthocyanins are natural anti-aging nutritional supplements. Their antioxidant properties are 50 times higher than vitamin E, 200 times higher than vitamin C, and 100% bioavailable to the human body.

Antioxidation of "anthocyanin"

Blueberry's high antioxidant value ranks first in comparison with 24 other common fruits

1. Blueberry and other berries are rich in flavonoids, especially anthocyanins. Anthocyanins are powerful antioxidants and are concentrated on blueberry skin.

2. What is the significance of high antioxidant value? Remove excess free radicals in the body, delay aging (especially the nervous system), and prevent various chronic diseases.

Robust brain

The early-onset memory decline symptoms of elderly people who continue taking blueberry juice have been effectively relieved, and memory has been significantly improved.

Prevention of cardiovascular diseases

Blueberry can effectively lower blood pressure, increase arterial constriction and relaxation capacity, and reduce blood cholesterol levels.


Blueberry extract can inhibit cancer cell proliferation, promote apoptosis, delay tumor palpation, reduce tumor spread

For those who love health, of course, it is strongly recommended to add blueberries to your list of fruits!

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