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Top 6 Skin Care And Hair Benefits Of Angelica

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Angelica is recommended by many modern as well as ancient writers for use in skin care. Angelica contains nutrients, such as antioxidants, vitamins, valeric acid, volatile oils and many others, which are helpful for the natural treatment of various skin conditions.

Skin Benefits Of Angelica:
Here are some ways by following which you can treat your skin conditions.

1. Angelica As A Face Wash:
Angelica, the plant or herb can be used as a face wash to treat various skin conditions and make the skin look softer, clearer and healthier. To make a face wash, mix 2 cups of aloe vera juice with 8-10 drops of tincture of Angelica root. After the two ingredients are mixed together, use the mix to treat acne. It can also be used for the cleansing purpose. The use of it makes the skin heal faster by making the skin absorb the useful nutrients easily. The results will be amazing if the facial cleanser is used twice a day, morning and night. It not only removes acne, but also prevents them from coming back.

2. Use In Bath:
Angelica can be used in bathing and it really helps in soothing the skin naturally. A bath can be prepared by adding 2 cups of Angelica infusion into warm water. Coconut oil can also be added for obtaining the best results. Having this bath relieves inflammation, softens the skin and helps to treat eczema.

Hair Benefits Of Angelica:
Let us discuss about few of the hair benefits of Angelica:

3. Makes Hair Healthy:
Angelica root has been used for hair loss treatment for centuries by the Chinese. Enriched with Vitamin E, it helps in stimulating the circulation of oxygen in the body and the scalp. It helps to promote the metabolism and replenishes the nutrient supply in the body, which are essential for the growth of hair. It helps to oxidize blood, which eventually helps in the oxidation of hair cells. It also promotes the regeneration of damaged hair cells.

Health Benefits Of Angelica:
There are many health benefits of angelica. Let us have a look at some of the health benefits of angelica:

4. Eases PMS Symptoms:
Using angelica can prove to be a blessing for women suffering from menstrual cramps. It helps to balance the level of hormones, which in turn provides relief from severe pains.

5. Helps Digestion:
Angelica secretes digestive juices, which are useful in promoting digestion and help in food absorption. It gives relief from flatulence as it effectively expels gas from the body.

6. Other Benefits:
Angelica detoxifies the body and helps in keeping diseases like fever, cold, lung infection and arthritis away.

Angelica is one of those treasures of nature that can offer your body the nutrients it needs to stay healthy. But never use herbs without consulting your doctor. If your doctor gives you the go ahead—wait no more, and head to the nearest herbal store to buy this wonder herb!

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