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Top Ten Misconceptions About Diabetes(1)

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Although there are more and more people with diabetes around us, many people still have many misconceptions about diabetes.

1. The urine of people with diabetes, it must be sweet?

Although called "diabetes", most diabetics do not have sweet urine.

Indeed, it may sometimes be detected sugar in diabetes people’s urine.

However, glucose can only be detected if the blood glucose is high enough.

Moreover, the glucose in urine must reach a certain concentration in order to have a sweet taste.

And most people with diabetes, especially diabetics who are undergoing regular sugar control,

The blood sugar is well controlled and naturally no sugar is detected in the urine.The urine will not be sweet.

2. Diabetes is addicted to insulin?

Insulin is originally a hormone produced by our body and is not "addicted".

For people with type 1 diabetes, the body cannot produce or produce insulin that does not meet the body's needs.

Therefore, it is necessary to use insulin for lifelong treatment.

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