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Top Ten Misconceptions About Diabetes(4)

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8:parents are diabetics and their children must have this disease?

Although parents have diabetes, the risk of children suffering from diabetes increases, but it does not mean that children will have diabetes.

If they can adhere to a healthy lifestyle, the children can also avoid diabetes.

Adherence to reasonable diet, moderate exercise, smoking cessation of alcohol, regular rest, etc., these can reduce the risk of getting type 2 diabetes.

9: Although the blood sugar is high,it is not uncomfortable, so there is no need to control?

The typical symptoms of diabetes "three more and one less," namely, more food, more drink, more urine, weight loss.

In many patients, the performance is not obvious, and the damage of high blood sugar to the body has some occult.

Many people are not uncomfortable, but long-term hyperglycemia can cause great damage to the body.

In patients with poor glycemic control, the risk of various acute and chronic complications of diabetes increases, such as hypoglycemia, ketosis, diabetic foot, and diabetic nephropathy.

Once complications occur, it will seriously affect the quality of life of patients and increase the medical expenses of the patients' families.

10. folk prescription can cure diabetes?

For this statement, please polish your eyes and say gracefully "go away".

At the current medical level, diabetes cannot be eradicated. What we can do is to cooperate with doctors to receive regular treatment and control the condition.

The result of gullible street advertising is that not only has it been cheated of money, but it has also delayed regular treatment.


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