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Using Monk fruit to deal with haze

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Continuous haze weather not only caused inconvenience to the public, but also increased the chance of respiratory infections.

Cough is one of the most common symptoms in the respiratory system. It is a protective respiratory reflex action of the human body.

The generation of cough should never be ignored.In daily life, inhaled toxic substances can be discharged out of the body by some simple methods.

Let's learn how to deal with haze together.

1. Avoid morning exercises in foggy days. The amount of oxygen needed by the body during morning exercises increases.

As the breath deepens, harmful substances in the mist will be inhaled into the respiratory tract, thus endangering health.

It can be changed after the sun comes out. You can also change to exercise indoors.

2. Try to reduce going out. When encountering dense fog, try to minimize going out.

If you have to go out, it is best to wear a mask. Wearing a mask is more important for people with allergic asthma.

Masks can prevent some allergens such as dust mites from entering the nasal cavity and provide some protection.

3. Patients adhere to take medicine. Patients with respiratory diseases and patients with cardio-cerebral vascular disease must adhere to take medicine on time in the foggy days. Strengthen self-monitoring, pay attention to the body's feelings and reactions, and if you feel unwell, seek medical attention.

4. Drink Luo Han Guo(monk fruit) tea. Luo Han Guo tea can prevent the pharyngeal itching caused by the inhalation of polluted air in the fog, and has the good effect of moistening the lungs. Especially in the afternoon drink better. Because the morning fog is the strongest, it is almost dispersed at noon. People inhale more dust and impurities in the morning and can clear the lungs in the afternoon.

5. Pay attention to regulate emotions. People with psychological frailty and mental disorders will feel extremely heavy, nervous, and depressed in such weather.

Such people should pay attention to emotional regulation in the fog. You can take a look at comedy TV shows or listen to comic dialogues at home to make yourself happy.

6. Don't shut the window too tightly. There will be kitchen fume pollution, furniture additive pollution, etc.

If there is no ventilation, the polluted indoor air will also harm health. You can choose to open the window for ventilation for a short period of time at noon when there is more sunlight and less pollutants.

7. As far as possible away from the road. During the rush hour and night and large cars entering the urban area at night, the concentration of pollutants is the highest.

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