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What are the varieties of Luo Han Guo?

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The planting history of Luo Han Guo (monk fruit) has been more than two hundred years.

Yongfu County, Guilin, Guangxi, as the origin and birthplace of monk fruit, has now formed a complete and mature planting and processing technology.

Moreover, through long-term cultivation and breeding, a number of monk fruit varieties have also been developed, and many of them are excellent varieties.

The quality or yield of these varieties is very popular among the monk fruit growers.

The improvement in quality has also made monk fruit more and more accepted by consumers.

1. ChangTan Fruit

It is native to the banks of the river along the Changtan in Baoan Village, Longjiang Township, Yongfu County, Guilin City, Guangxi Province.

Due to local soil, climate and other factors, the variety is the best quality of the cultivated Luo Han Guo variety.

The fruit is oval-shaped or long-elliptic. The top of the fruit is slightly sunken. The surface of the peel is velvety,

the peel is delicate, and the peel is on the peel. There are obvious fine veins.

2.Green peel fruit

Green peel has the characteristics of high yield and adaptability, and the plant of this variety is more robust;

and the results are early, high yield, and limited geographical conditions. It is the main variety currently used in production,

and its cultivation More than 90% of the total area can be planted in both mountains and plains.

3.Red hair fruit

The red-haired fruit variety has strong adaptability to the environment and high yield.

The growth of monk fruit leaves is robust, but the fruit of this variety is small and has a short shape resembling a pear shape.

4.Chashan fruit

Chashan fruit is a wild Luo Han Guo variety in the Camellia forest, and then cultivated by artificial selection.

5.La Jiang fruit

Lajiang fruit, also known as Lajiang seed, is cultivated from the seedlings of Longtan fruit by the Luo Han fruit growers in Lajiang Village, Longjiang Township, Yongfu County, Guilin City, Guangxi.

The fruit has an oval shape, an oblong shape or a pear shape. It has a wide range of adaptability and good quality. The plant grows vigorously and is suitable for planting in mountainous areas or hilly areas.

6.Wax gourd fruit

The Wax gourd fruit plant is robust and has high yield. The fruit has a long cylindrical shape. The ends of the fruit are flush and the shape is similar to Wax gourd.

The seeds are like melon seeds. The leaves of this fruit have a triangular heart shape, and the surface of the fruit is densely pilose. Adapt to planting in low mountains.

At present, the varieties with the largest planting area are mainly round fruit type green fruit, high-yield red hair fruit and tea mountain fruit.

These varieties are characterized by wide adaptability and high yield. In the case of a certain wholesale price of Luo Han Guo, it can create higher value for the Luo Han Guo growers.

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