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What Is Magnolia Bark Extract Used For?

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What Is Magnolia Bark?

Magnolia bark refers to the bark of the magnolia tree — a native of East and Southeast Asia. This tree belongs to the Magnoliaceae family and can grow to a mature height from 16 ft up to 80 ft. You can easily identify the magnolia tree from its large and fragrant flowers that often reach 8 inches in diameter. Along with the bark, sometimes these flowers and leaves are also used for making medicine.

The scientific name of magnolia bark is Magnolia officinalis. The Chinese also call this herb "Houpu" — referring to the thick (hou) bark that comes from the unadorned (pu) part of the tree. Its other names are magnolia cortex, cucumber tree, honoki, and swamp sassafras.

What Is Magnolia Bark Extract Used For?

There are many potential health benefits of magnolia bark offered by two key micronutrients — magnolol and honokiol — present in it. You can easily find this herb in pill form in most medical and drug stores. 

Among its various uses, these are the most-researched magnolia bark benefits: 

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