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What kind of environment is monk fruit suitable for growing?

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monk fruit grows under the subtropical hillside forest at an altitude of 300-1400 meters.

In a wet area by the river or in the bush.In the long-term individual development,

there are certain requirements for environmental conditions.

monk fruit is a short-day crop with only 7-8 hours of light per day. It is moist and foggy,

and requires a large temperature difference between day and night. The frost-free period is long,

the relative humidity of the air is 75-85%, the rainfall is abundant and uniform, and the annual rainfall is about 1900 mm ,

avoid the accumulation of water.Suitable for loose, fertile, well-drained, deep and moist soil.

It is not resistant to high temperature, and the vine grows rapidly at a temperature of 22 to 28 °C.

The plant grows poorly above 34 °C, and the plant stops growing below 15 °C.

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